To the attention of foreign students!

опубліковано 6 трав. 2014 р., 09:37 Деканат ‎(Медичний факультет №3)‎ ‎(Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці)‎

Having regard to the Letter of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of  Public Health, including appeals of students and decision of the leaders of students communities of the university, the authority of the university has decided to create favorable conditions for the early completion of the spring semester of 2013/2014 academic year for foreign students. According to this, from 07.05.2014. those who want to complete a semester early have the possibility to rework their practical  classes every day till the full implementation of educational programs in the disciplines. Students who stay in Ukraine have to attend classes according to the usual schedule. All students who have completed educational programs in the disciplines ( ahead or behind schedule ) must submit credit books, individual plans and the clean-sheet from the financial department to the dean’s office. Students of  3 and 6 courses have to prepare for KROK 1 and KROK 2, according to the normal schedule.