On the 56th anniversary of Ghana independence days!

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Dear students!

6th of March is a remarkable day in the history of the Republic of Ghana. The country one of the first got its independence on African continent in 1957. “Freedom and Justice” is the motto of the country leading its people to real freedom from century-old colonial status. Today Ghana as a member of the Union of African States occupies a leading position in many branches of industry: first of all gold- mining, timber-processing and agriculture.

Although Ghanian students constitute only 8.3% of all the international community of Bukovinian State Medical University, it is impossible to imagine the University students’ life without them. They achieve good progress in their education, are active participants of scientific, social and cultural events at BSMU.

On behalf of the University authority and all the teaching staff we would like to congratulate you on the holiday! Wish you strong health, prosperity and peace to all your families and your country!

Rector                                                                           Boychuk T.M.