International Students' Day

опубліковано 18 лист. 2013 р., 05:08 Деканат ‎(Медичний факультет №3)‎ ‎(Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці)‎

Dear students of our University, coming from various countries of the world!

Students’ years are an unforgettable time in the life of every man. It is the time of young dreams and plans, brave ideas and expectations. Students present a special group of young people. They are similar in Chernivtsi and Kyiv, in Sorbonna and Cambridge.

 In our University students find mutual understanding between each other in spite of language barriers, cultural differences and religious beliefs. It is due to real friendship which is like wet cement.  The longer you stay, the harder is to leave and even if you want to go, you can’t without leaving your footsteps.

That’s why their “professional” holiday – International Students’ Day – all the students of the world celebrate on the 17th of November.

This holiday is really international, as it was first celebrated on the initiative of the International Students’ Council in London in the remote 1941.

On behalf of the University authority, all the Professors and tutors, I wish all our international students strong health and good wishes, happiness and welfare, persistence and commitment in mastering their professional knowledge.


Dean, Medical Faculty No 3,

Associate Professor                                                     I.G. SAVKA