Faculty Day!

опубліковано 21 бер. 2013 р., 02:36 Деканат ‎(Медичний факультет №3)‎ ‎(Підрозділ БДМУ, Чернівці)‎

Dear students of our international faculty!

Let us congratulate you on the first Faculty Day!

Your faculty unites representatives from practically all the continents of the world.

You are the youngest at our University. But you have own traditions and a lot of achievements to be proud of.

 First of all, your students take an active part in the University scientific work being the members of the Students’ Scientific clubs and conferences.

The representatives of  international community are very active participants of the University Students’ Government. They take an active part in various cultural and sports events in the University.

We are happy that our medical faculty No 3 is a home for multinational family of more than 30 countries of the world.

We hope it is only the beginning of our fruitful mutual work and cooperation.

The motto your faculty is: “WE ARE MANY – WE ARE ONE!”

University Authority.